The story of my knitting ( cont 2)

June 28, 2018

The story of my knitting ( cont 2)



 Sorry for being away for such a long time. Life is taking it's tall on my blog :)

Among the gigs that I went through was one that I remember particularly well.  A young lady  was very fond of dogs and wanted to start a company producing fancy dog sweaters. I am in love with dogs too so I have answered that posting. The lady applied for and got trademarked the catchy  name for her future business (“Hoochie Coochie Poochie”). I did my part in producing a whole series of swatches and several prototypes of the sweaters.

Before her going concern even saw the light of day,  she decided to expand  into offering the ‘doggie mamas’ the ability  to get dressed as their pups.  I had to oblige.  So a series of prototypes for the future marketing campaign were made.   The photo shoot was the last event of  the  ambitious going concern. The business  never went past that stage and off the ground.  But I still have  photos from that gig in my collection. I really did a lot of swatching and designing. It was  fun. 


We started in late summer  and went through it right into the Christmas season.  The fabric swatches reflect that transition:

dog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knittingdog knitting

knitting knitted swatches















A couple of trial prototypes for dog sweaters with underbelly openings:

dog sweatersdog sweatersdog sweatersdog sweaters



 We already were not that far from Christmas season. Finished  sweaters a la "Father Noel": I was getting ready  to send them for the promotional  photo shoot:

christmas sweater for dogs dog sweatersdog sweaterschristmas sweater for dogschristmas sweater for dogs



Another design for dog sweaters, These  do not have any openings, but the underbelly area and  sleeves are so stretchy that smaller dogs can be dressed very easy:

christmas sweater for dogs   christmas sweater for dogs



That was the one and only fitting session. I was trying to figure out what style of sweater would fit dogs the best. 

dog fitting session knitting  sweatersdog fitting session knitting  sweaters



These are  my attempts  at making matching wear for 'doggy mamas":



Finally the day of the big photo shoot has come. Not everyone was happy about it. It's tough to be a photo model, so stressful...

dog sweaters



But the calmer attitudes have prevailed:

christmas sweater for dogschristmas sweater for dogsdog sweaters



"Doggie mamas" together with their "babies":




This is my favorite photo:

christmas sweater for dogs


But no matter how much fun all the above was, it was never meant to be, as they say.  The life went on...




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