Gorjuss dolls

January 06, 2018

Gorjuss dolls

 A couple of months ago a new addition to my doll family has arrived. She is the Gorjuss – Sanoto – Paola Reina  doll Violet.  Santoro is the company that is branding the unusually looking and unforgettable  artwork by  Suzanne Woolcott, Paola Reina is the Spanish company  that manufactures these dolls. These whimsical dolls  are 32 cm (18.8”) tall, made of soft vinyl, have pigeon toes feet and  rooted hair.  Each doll has a distinct character and her own name. Each comes in her own set of clothes, each doll body is infused with the rose-honeysuckle fragrance.


These are the dolls that will change their character with the change of the outfit they are wearing.  For collectors and those who are playing with them that means buying new clothes or making the clothes themselves.  So, how do their bodies fair in comparison to other, somewhat similar is size dolls?


 Disney Animators         Avery by                  Little Darling doll            Santoro-Gorjuss
                                    Meadowdolls              by Dianna Effner     
At the first glance it looks like  the Gorjuss doll’s body type andsize are very different from the other comparable soze dolls. 
Please notice, that my doll has dark marks on her waist line. Those are from the clothes she came in. I did try to use the Magic Cleaning sponge, but it didn’t help.  It looks like the marks might stay forever.
The doll also has tiny horizontal markings on the legs, it seems those mark her knees level.  Her skirt length was exactly to those marks.


 Side view.  Yes, Gorjuss doll definitely has a body type and size of her own.



Three most comparable dolls on the  craft mat.


 Now the dolls are arranged so that that their shoulder are at the same level, and here we see that Little Darling and Gorjuss dolls have same torso length.  The  difference in body length comes mainly from the length of the legs (I am not taking the height of head into account as it doesn’t play any role in the fit of the clothes).

The Gorjess doll is smaller in the torso circumference, but not crucially. It seems she can wear some of the clothes made to fit Little Darling dolls. But  there is a notable differnce is both doll’s armhole length. Gorjuss has a longer armhole, meaning the neckline of the outfit might not fit well.


The Gorjuss doll is wearing the dress made for the Little Darling dolls. It fits well as to its length and the general body side. But the neckline was too tight because of the armhole  difference.  


On a happy note,  Little Darlings footwear fits Gorjuss  feet perfectly.  Even with the thinner socks and tights the fit is good.


Gorjuss Doll Body Measurements:

 Head circumference – 27cm (10.8”)

Doll height – 32cm (12.8”)

From shoulder to floor – 21cm (8.4”)

From waistline to floor – 15cm (6”)

Front width (between armholes) – 4.5cm (1.8”)

Arm length – 9.5cm(3.6”)

Shoulder length – 1cm (0.4”)

Leg length from top of hip to floor -13cm (5.2”)

Inseam length – 10cm (4”)

Neck circumference – 7.5cm (3”)

Torso under armholes circumference – 13cm (5.2”)

Waist circumference – 13cm (5.2”)

Hips circumference at top of legs – 17cm (6.8”)

Wrist circumference – 4.5cm (1.8”)

Ankle circumference – 6cm (2.4”)

Foot length – 4cm (1.6”)

Foot width – 2cm (0.8”)



Gorjuss Violet dressed in the outfit made for Little Darling dolls and LD boots.











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