Trench Coat Accessories for 18 inch Dolls

Knitting pattern for AG doll Trench Coat accessories:  a set of the instructions to make the hat, scarf and the earmuffs. Will fit any doll with head circumference of 10-11 inches (25-27.5cm). Easy to knit patterns with multiple photographs showing the work in progress.

While  hats and scarves are the staples  in any doll's wardrobe, the headband with its knitted cover and knitted earmuffs is somewhat a rarity. You will find a step by step instructions for each of these items in the pattern. The instructions for the headband with the earmuffs is actually a pictorial with multiple pictures of the whole process.

this pattern should be quite easy for an advanced beginner knitter

- any DK yarn that knits at 5.5 stitches per 1" (2.5cm) over stockinette stitch on the needles of your choice
- Bernat Boa yarn or a similar yarn
- small amount of any DK yarn

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