About Lelle Moda.


Knitting patterns for dolls, trendy, stylish and fun!

Though it seems I've been knitting forever for clients of all types, shapes and sizes, dolls have always had a soft spot in my heart.
How can you disregard the only client that never complains when being fitted, doesn't wiggle under the  measuring tape and always looks happy no matter what she is wearing? 

So, thank you for stopping by and please do come again, buy  a pattern (or two), knit a jacket or a dress for your favorite doll and enjoy the process!  At the end of that process you doll will be wearing a beautiful new outfit she will be proud of. And she will love you forever!

And why "LelleModa"?  "Lelle" means a "doll" in my native Latvian language, while "Moda" is a universal substitute for English word "fashion".  So, no matter what I decide to do in the future,  knit, crochet, sew ... the "doll fashion" theme will stay the same.       I promise.




P.S. for more information about LelleModa please visit the FAQ page.