Tutorial - Making felt flower pin for American Gild dolls



Felt pin for AG doll – Accessory for Leena cardigan

This small felt pin is quick to make, it does not require any special skills or tools and can be made in different colors, size, and even shape.
If you have a scrapbooking die-cutter like Big Shot or similar you can use their templates for  cutting out circular shapes, or just use a pencil and scissors.
Supplies needed:
- craft felt in 2 colors,  ¼ of a sheet for each color
- 1 small (1”) safety pin
- 2 sewing pins
- a drop of Fray Check or similar product
- small sharp scissors
- sewing needle and thread to match colors of the felt


1. Using a die-cutter or small scissors cut out:
from felt in color #1:   6-7 bigger circles (0.75” in diameter)
from felt in color #2:  6-7 smaller circles (0.5” in diameter)
The more circles there are for each ball the tighter the ball will be. But with too much felt it will not “bloom” and will become difficult to manage. Smaller ball may require fewer circles that a bigger one. 6-7 circles for each ball seems about right.  


2. Starting with bigger circles, fold each in half and secure with a  sewing pin. Position pin closer to one end of the half circle, make sure it goes through both layers of the felt piece, approx. 1/16 (2mm) below the fold line.


3. Repeat for all felt pieces of this size, stacking them on the same pin, one by one. Try to pin the pieces evenly, without some of them sticking out too high or sitting too low on the pin.


4. Using second pin secure the felt stack at the other end. 


5. Thread the needle with approx. 12” (30cm) of thread and go through all felt pieces keeping the needle as close to one of the pins as possible. Do not allow the needle to go on an angle, keep it parallel to the bottom of the stack. Repeat for the other edge of the stack.  Lastly repeat for the center of the stack.


6. Remove both pins. 


7. Starting with the central thread pull its ends tightly and secure with a double knot.  Repeat for both other threads. The felt circles will form a tight ball. Open the ball to expose the knots.


8. Tie all threads into one knot, clip off the excess length. Secure the knot with a drop of Fray Check. Let it dry. Keep the ball “open” and the knot layer flat.


9. Repeat for the smaller felt pieces. Only two threads will be enough to form smaller felt pieces into a ball.



10. Attach both balls to the safety pin .




11. You may want to try cutting other felt shapes and making them into a brooch.  If making a flower shape brooch attach seeds beads as flower centers before sewing flower balls onto the safety pin.

Slightly clip the petals to prevent flowers from being too flat. After finishing the brooch pinch the petals to make them more “flowerlike”.

Flower shape samples.



Finished brooch on the cardigan made to fit  18” American Girl doll.