Knitting tutorial - buttonholes in doll clothes

Buttonholes in knitting are not always  the prettiest sight.  If not done properly,  they can easily ruin the look of the outfit.

There are many ways to make buttonholes, starting from a simple yarn over,   to a more elaborate bind off, or even a whipped stitch buttonhole.  Size of the item, buttonhole placement,   stitch pattern , yarn type - all those come into play when we decided what technique to use.
But when it comes to knitting for dolls, buttonholes play a very important role.  On a small sized knit they look very prominent and are immediately noticed.  So often times we need a small yet stable and durable buttonhole. A simple yarn over  does not always do what we need it to.

Here is the buttonhole I use quite a lot and really love.  It looks compact yet is  slightly  bigger than the regular  1yo one,  it is also stable and durable enough.  I found it some time ago in one of my trusty Japanese knitting books and am using it very often. It has only one con - it is worked on 3 rows instead of usual 2 rows of knitting.


So here it goes:

1.  R1, RS (right side) of work.   
 My first stitch is an edge stitch that's why it looks like it has "fallen off " the knitting. (In this tutorial it is not included in stitch count).

I have 4 stitch (st st) placket for my buttonhole
The buttonhole will be placed in the center of the placket.



2. On the RS of the placket work first 2 stitches, make 1yo.



3.  Work next two stitches as k2tog tbl.



4. Finish the row.



5.  R2 of the buttonhole,  WS (wrong side) of work.  Ready to begin the WS of the placket. 



6. Purl 1st stitch of the placket  (i.e. the stitch resulted from the k2tog on the previous row), make 1yo.



7. While keeping yarn in back slip yo from the previous row on to right needle.



8. There are two yarn overs on the right needle ( you see 2 strands of yarn),  work to end of row.   2nd row of the buttonhole is finished.



9. R3 row of the buttonhole, RS of work.  Work to  two  yarn overs,  knit them together as one stitch.      



10. The buttonhole is finished.  Work to end of row.
View of the finished buttonhole on the wrong side of work.  



11.  The look of the finished buttonhole  on the right side of work.
This is a nice little buttonhole, I hope you will give it a try.  It looks small but in fact it is bigger than the standard yo buttonhole  and is more stable.