Knitting tutorial - rosebud stitch

Knitting tutorial for "rosebud" stitch. 

Used in:
 - Selina Dress knitting pattern for American Girl dolls by LelleModa
- Lise Dress knitting pattern for Disney Animators dolls by LelleModa


Rosebud is my own name  for this stitch.  I am using it  because the resulting stitch does resemble a flower bud.
The stitch itself  has appeared in one of the Japanese knitting books,  I don’t remember seeing it in the American ones.
The charted symbol of the stitch looks  complicated but is easy to work when following some simple rules.


Actually, this stitch is a clever combination of  the standard techniques of tuck stitch and bobble stitch which, when combined,  produce a very pleasing visual effect. 
The  is worked on 3 rows ((rows 1(RS), 2(WS), 3(RS)), these rows are marked on the above stitch chart.
 In both patterns  the rosebud stitch is worked on the background of the reverse stockinet.



RS of work, stitches on the left needle  before starting the 1st row of  the rosebud stitch.

Two yos from the previous RS row have formed two leaves, the middle p st has formed  the stem of the future rosebud flower (pic 1.)

 Pic 1.



Row 1(RS) of the rosebud stitch:
  • Work up to the middle stitch of the reverse stockinet background. With the middle stitch still on the left needle, count 3 stitches below it  ( each purl “bump” counts as 1 stitch below).   On the photos  each of the 3 stitches below the middle stitch  is  marked with a pin (pic2.-pic3. ).

     Pic 2.

     Pic 3.



    • Insert right needle into the 3rd stitch below ( insert the tip of the needle right under the 3rd purl “bump”), make 5 sts into it ( k1,  yo,k1, yo,k1).   All 5 new  stitches are on the right needle (pic 4.)

       In the text below I will call these 5 sts “bobble stitches”.

       Pic 4.



      • With 5 “bobble stitches” on the right needle, slip the main stitch off the left needle and let it unravel.  If it does not unravel easily on its own,  do help it to.  It should unravel down to the level on which the 5 new stitches have been made (pic 5.).

        If you slip the main stitch but do not make it unravel, it will be sticking out from under the bud stitch and will spoil the look of the pattern.

         Pic 5.



        • The row with M5/3B is finished (pic 6.).

           Pic 6.



          R2(WS) of the rosebud stitch:
          • Work according to the pattern up to the 5 “bobble stitches” made on the previous RS row. Purl these stitches ( p5), continue as per pattern to the next group of “bobble stitches”. (pic 7.).

             Pic 7.



            • The WS row is finished (pic 8.).

               Pic 8.



              R3(RS) of the rosebud stitch:
              • Work according to the pattern to the 5 “bobble stitches” (pic 9.).

                 Pic 9.


                • Slip the group of first 3 sts to right needles as if to knit.  Important: do not slip these stitches one by one, but slip them as a group, as you would when working a regular CDD stitch (pic 10.).

                   Pic 10.



                  • Knit next 2 sts together as 1 stitch (pic 11.).

                     Pic 11.



                    • Pass the slipped stitches over (pic 12.).

                       Pic 12.



                      • The look of the finished stitch (pic 13).

                         Pic 13.



                        Rosebud stitch in knitting:

                         Pic 14.

                         Pic 15.

                        I hope you will give this stitch a try in your own knitting projects.