Trench Coat Errata and Pattern Support

   TRENCH Coat

05.18.2016.  Up to date there are no mistakes found or any corrections added to the pattern.

But it is evident that some  knitters have difficulty  following the instructions especially  when those  require repeating  the rows that have  been already worked.
Questions that I am receiving usually address two main issues:
-  difficulty to "see"  how the shape of the coat evolves 
- difficulty to repeat the blocks of rows that  have repeats of their own


Here are my answers:

-  When having problems "seeing" where you are regarding the shape of the coat, do look at the last page of the pattern instructions, especially at the photo of the body of the coat (coat body, finished).  Crop this photo out, paste on to  a new page and enlarge, then print that page. Turn the picture counter clockwise so that the direction of your knitted rows and those on the picture are the same ( i.e. horizontal).  That should help you to understand  at what exact point in your work you are and how the shaping of the coat evolves. 



- Which rows to repeat?

Below is a simplified breakdown of the row repeats. 
Column A = actual row numbers 
Column B = the rows, instructions for which you have to  follow 
Column C =  total number of rows worked in that segment

 I.e. for R1-R51 of the pattern follow their instructions as written;  
  for R52-R62 of the pattern follow the instructions for R38-R51 of the pattern;  
  for R66-R116 of the pattern follow the instructions as they written , etc. 
      Continuous tally of              Pattern rows you                        Number of rows  
    of the pattern rows               have to work                            in each block of rows    

                A                                       B                                                   C

          R1 - R51                          R1 - R51                                       51 rows  

         R52 -    R65                     R38 - R51                                    14 rows  

        R66 -  R116                      R66 - R116                                     51 rows  

        R117 - R181                      R19 - R83                                     65 rows  

         R182 to end                    R182 - R204                                  23 rows 

                                                                                                  total = 204 rows